Trimm-Way Weight-Loss Tips


Keep a daily food diary.

Wait 5 minutes if you’re thinking of something to eat that’s off your diet. Instead, drink a glass of water.

If you’ve bought some food that you know is a tempting weight-gain diet-breaker for you (for example, peanut butter, dark chocolate), move it out to the garage, and make it to hard get to, so you won’t be so tempted. At least, store it out of sight, out of reach.

Do 5 minutes of exercise before you eat a meal, like jogging in place or wall push-ups, to speed up your metabolism.

If you’re at a plateau weight-wise despite efforts to diet and exercise, try adding 15-minute cardio sessions for a few evenings each week — this will speed up calorie burning throughout the night and into the next day.

Before you drink wine or a cocktail, drink a glass of water so you aren’t drinking because you’re thirsty.

Avoid eating starchy carbohydrates (bread, chips, popcorn, pasta, potato, rice) when having a cocktail or glass of wine, because the alcohol will speed up the conversion of the carbs to belly fat! Eat protein and vegies instead.

Karen Kelley
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